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Keeping your frying extraction in top condition

Dirty or poorly serviced ducting presents a real risk of fire…

Duct cleaning is a vital process to ensure your shop stays not only safe and working within your insurance’s regulations, but keeps your range, whatever the brand, running efficiently. Insufficient air flow within your extraction system due to clogged ducting makes your burners work harder and at a higher temperature to compensate, which means higher bills at the end of the month.

Beyond the economic issues, many insurance companies require an annual duct clean to be performed. Depending on your insurance requirements, your policy could be void if the cleaning is not done by a professional cleaning company. Our dedicated ducting team will ensure your ventilation system is cleaned to the highest standard, with before and after photos available upon request.

You will be issued a certificate which is recognised by both your local borough’s health & safety teams and your insurance companies. All photographs and records are kept by our office should an incident occur and will be available to you should you ever need them.
For advice on your ducting and canopy or to book and appointment, call us on 01642 489868.