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The crossover has been developed to fit into the mid-range market for the fish & chip shops.

For businesses which require something more for their venture and to cope with the demands of a busy shop, the Crossover is the latest in the line of Martyn Edwards frying ranges.

No need to compromise on requirements that you need. The Crossover can be designed to cater for any amount of pan, chip & scrap boxes.

Open top frying

The open top frying range works for those businesses with a high turnover of goods.

Unobstructed access to your products allows for full pan utilisation without any spatial compromise.

High Efficiency at a low cost.

Manage your gas and electricity bills with specialised burners.

Our ranges are designed as standard to adapt to using a smaller amount of power, spread across the heating system of your range. Allowing you to keep cooking at a higher temperature for longer without increasing your energy bills.

Internal Oil Filtration.

With built-in filtration, the overall turnover for oil can be reduced dramatically.

An easy-to-use design allows the cleaning of used oil without the requirements of an external draining and cleaning system, so the oil can be used again without any impurities or tainting of your fresh products.

An easy to use configuration

Effective layout to ensure you can control your frying range with ease.

Designed by our team to be user-friendly, the Crossover offers a straightforward control panel which allows you to be at the forefront of your product’s cooking process.

The Crossover has the flexibility to meet any customer requirement – without breaking the bank.