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What Type Of Range… Counter, Island or Wall?

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Counter Range

Keeping you in contact with your customers, the Martyn Edwards Frank Ford Counter is the most popular choice of style across the UK and Ireland.

The counter range is the star attraction within your workplace:

By combining the cooking area next to the counter, it allows you to streamline your service and promote a customer-orientated approach, offering space for your condiments, packaging, cash registers and extras to be quickly on-hand.

Tempered glass fronts within the top boxes above the frying range, allow your customers to see the product, giving them choice in your finest, freshly-cooked goods.

Having your equipment front of house, it gives you the opportunity to promote your brand with bespoke, laser-etched logo design on the front, whilst adding touches such as heated counter tops, or energy-efficient LED spotlights to show off your brand and style.

The Martyn Edwards Counter can be connected to any type of range, from Traditional to Omega.

Island Range

The quintessential unit for high-turnover businesses who require efficiency and quality, the Martyn Edwards Crossover allows frying from one side and hatches for quick serving on the other.

From fish & chips to chicken, our serving hatches and drawers are designed to keep your goods warm before serving and with dual-sliding tempered glass doors on specially-designed runners on both sides offer ease of access to top boxes, there’s no easier way to keep your turnover efficient and simple.

Added extras such as bain-maries on the serving side can be built-in, allowing a full range of heated extras to be on hand, without taking up any extra space.

Wall Range

As the catering classic approach, the Martyn Edwards Frank Ford Wall range allows you to utilise your space effectively for a more traditional kitchen experience.

The wall range can be fitted into any wall space you require. From small-form areas where space is a must, to full-length, large scale kitchen operations where turnover amounts for busy shifts is essential.

Any range you require can be made into a wall range. From Crossovers to Roll Lids, the wall range gives you the space-saving and efficiency you’d expect from our company.