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Hinged Lid

The Martyn Edwards rank Ford Frying Range standard design for all our ranges, the hinged lid is our signature design that is offered on all frying ranges.

The hinged lid design takes on a modern twist to the roll lid, the ME-FF hinged lid is designed with a single-point folding mechanism allowing for those who are using it to have fast access to their products and be able to close the lid quicker, in order to retain heat during quieter periods.

Our production team work tirelessly on quality and design to ensure that all Martyn Edwards Frank Ford hardware undergoes a quality inspection before installation and with the highest-grade materials, you can be certain that your bespoke frying range is exactly to the standards you’d expect from a company with a pedigree stretching back over a century.

Roll Lid

A true classic, which engages with the time-honoured and contemporary approach to range design and efficiency.

The sliding roll lid has stood the test of time due to its simplicity and aesthetics, allowing easy access to product alongside an appearance which is the traditionalist’s choice. Minimal moving parts allow for less issues, whilst the high-quality materials chosen by our production team, ensure it’s longevity and robustness.

Our metal doors are hand-rolled and monitored during manufacturing, to ensure quality control.  The Martyn Edwards Frank Ford design production method allows for this to be a robust, hard-working design which will last for years to come.

Open Top

The open top offers a completely removable lid for an open, unobstructed view of your product, the flat top design for your range is a true innovation.

For those truly appreciate a modern approach and the complete ease of access, this is the goto for busy shop and non-stop product cooking.